RQuick Two Part Epoxy Tile Grout


RQuick Two Part Epoxy Tile Grout

  • For internal use. Suitable for tile joints up to 10 mm on floor and wall.
  • Pot Life ≥ 45 min
  • Grouting ≈ 12 hr for wall tiles and ≈ 24 hr for floor tiles
  • Coverage: 2 - 4 kg/m2
  • Interval before normal use ≈ 3 days Mechanical resistance and ≈ 4 days chemical resistance


  • Extra-fine texture
  • Perfect to bond & grout glass mosaic
  • Ideal for grouting of porcelain tiles, large set-ups and small width slabs
  • Best for domestic and commercial use

Directions to use:

  • Clean the joints to remove dust & adhesive residue and allow to dry
  • Transfer Part B into Part A (both into the bucket)
  • Use an appropriate stirrer to mix the same
  • Use a rubber floater to fill the joints seamlessly
  • Clean the area with a nice sponge
  • Rub gently in circular motion
  • Use fresh and clean water during the process & change the water frequently to avoid the dust accumulation on the surface
  • For leftover adhesive residue, rub in diagonal motion to the joints.
  • Allow to cure for 24 hours minimum.
  • Do not add water nor any other chemical apart from the provided PART A & PART B.

Colours Available

White, Ivory, Grey, Dark Brown, Pink, Burgundy, Terra, Red, Blue, Copper Cloudy, Alpine Blue, Mushroom, Green, Beige, Yellow, Dark Grey & Black

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